KB Earle Associates LLC provides accounting and systems consulting covering: 

CFO On-call
Business / Strategic plans Acquisition integration
Incentive Plans Capital Portfolio Analysis
Month-end closing improvement Data/Price/Profit analysis

Meeting periodic demands and sudden changes:

  • Period end accounting and financial reporting
  • Building strategic and operating plans and budgets
  • Managing rapid growth / deceleration
  • Transition during start-up or acquisition
  • Already trained, capable stand-in to meet unexpected turnover
  • Responding to finance driven turnaround needs
  • Project management
  • Systems upgrades and conversions
  • Financial System design & implementation

Fulfilling part-time CFO/controller needs for growing organizations:

  • Forecast and manage Cash
  • Oversee and prepare financial reports
  • Develop management reporting consistency
  • Review and improve process controls
  • Review proposals for major expenditures
  • Plan Finance Organization development
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Develop KPI and CSF metrics
  • Coordinate Audits
CIO On-call - Shared Services Systems
ERP systems Data conversion
SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Hyperion Process improvement
Microsoft, SAGE, JD Edwards, QuickBooks Technology strategy Integration

Meeting periodic demands and sudden changes:

  • Reviewing vendor strategy for cost effectiveness and impact on the business process (reality check)
  • Binding the IT plan to strategic and operating plans and budgets
  • A 'Be There' trusted resource when help is needed during rapid growth / deceleration
  • Transition planning and implementation during start-up, acquisition or as the result of a divestiture / spin off
  • Already trained, capable stand-in to meet unexpected turnover
  • Responding to finance driven turnaround needs
  • Project management
  • Systems upgrades and conversions
  • System design & implementation

Fulfilling part-time CIO/IT manager needs for growing organizations:

  • Forecast and manage vendors, commitments and deadlines
  • Direct staff effort to achieve quick impact
  • Develop management reporting consistency
  • Review and improve process controls
  • Review proposals for major expenditures
  • Plan IT Organization development - determining when to transition from part-time to full-time staff
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Develop KPI and Critical Success Factor metrics

Click here to view web sites developed by KBEA

Specializing in data driven websites, KBEA has incorporated SAaS elements from Salesforce.com, Google maps, Twitter, Paypal and others into dynamic websites powered by MySQL and MSSQL databases. Design is kept separate from content and programming which provides easy and quick changes to the look and feel as well as the functionality provided by the site. The sites have extensive authentication and authorization capabilities, useful for establishing secure vendor/customer content. Data visualizations using Tableau have been created to facilitate market segmentation of the user base (over 20,000 identities), create targeted campaigns and to further define services that the users are interested in pursuing.

Transforming Data to Decisions and Complexity to Clarity
Computers are great at capturing data and providing calculations, while the human brain is much better at interpreting patterns.  Visual Data Analysis is a data mining process used to transform lists of data into interactive, dynamic visual patterns. 

The industry typically categorizes this approach as part of 'business intelligence' (BI).  Most BI vendors' product installations begin at the $100K mark and only get more expensive and time consuming.  Almost all the other BI alternatives use cross-tabs and spreadsheets to perform the analysis, then use graphics as a means to present the analysis results.  To make this work, most of the effort to install a typical BI solution involves determining what data must look like in order to create the reports.  When users ask their BI group to create new datasets for new reports, they get prioritized and maybe months later are scheduled to be developed. Being impatient, users resort to extend Excel ("When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail").  While the job gets done more quickly than waiting for their BI group to respond, serious amounts of time are spent scrubbing and massaging data or creating complex formulas before the analysis can begin.  Usually more time is spent creating these 'solutions' than analyzing their message or to direct decisions. Think I'm exaggerating?  Check out this report prepared by the Aberdeen group.

Enter Tableau.  It was built as a visual analysis application that happens to also do crosstabs.  Using a visual approach to analyze the data by restructuring graphs and charts in order to see results is compelling because of the interface that is easy to understand.  Useful insights are discovered quickly.  The focus of the analysis task becomes what decisions and insights does the data inspire rather than what formula must be created to segregate the data.  KBEA has a process that quickly moves you to clarity from your data clutter while setting the stage for further enhancements.  To see for yourself, check out the Product Tour, the interactive Data Visualizations and register for a free fully-functional trial software (minutes to install).

Organizations spend considerable time figuring out what others already know. My workshops and seminar topics are designed to quickly get you the information you need to improve your own operations. Topics can be tailored to fit your organization's needs, so value is never a question. Each topic draws from current themes within systems, process improvement and financial reporting. Every presentation is backed up with real world experience.

"Intro to Data Analytics" CPE presented to the Institute of Internal Auditors - Triad NC chapter

"Moving from Excel to Business Intelligence Analysis" - presented to the IMA Piedmont Triad chapter

New training topics being developed in 2010 include hands-on sessions for data visualization and instruction on structuring data for analysis.  
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