Modify Registry so twb and sql files show in preview 

Monday, April 18, 2016 7:49:00 AM

Use this approach to modify the Registry so that other file types are previewable as though they are text files.

Approach found here:

Open the registry editor (regedit in the start menu search) and navigate to computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.FILE_EXT, where FILE_EXT is the extension you want to add, such as .twb  or .tps or .tds or .sql

Make 2 new string values (REG_SZ) under the file extension's key, Content Type andPerceivedType
(note, only the PerceivedType is needed if Content Type already exists -- also note that PerceivedType has no spaces) 

Set the value of Content Type to text/plain and PerceivedType to text

For other Tableau items, like twbx, tdsx that are zip folders, add a PerceivedType as compressed in order for Windows File Explorer to provide insight into those files

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