Tableau Server - Bad behavior

What constitutes bad behavior on the part of Tableau Server users?  Here's my view, what's yours?

  1. Old reports that aren’t used yet still run extracts.
  2. Failed extracts, especially repeat offenders on PROD.
  3. Huge number of subscribers to reports which take minutes to render.
  4. DEV versions on PROD server that aren’t actively being UAT.
  5. Repetitive extracts embedded in workbooks rather than as a datasource.
  6. Huge extracts when someone has access to a more cost effective db solution.
  7. Custom SQL when a Tableau build with referential integrity could have been done.
  8. Thirty or so connections in a single workbook.
  9. Using Projects instead of Sites.
  10. Governing AD groups by an organization distant from the managers of the AD group.
  11. Leaving departed users licensed on a server.
  12. Poor Tableau performance from attempting to design according to another product’s ‘best practices’.
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