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Tableau® software allows people to query databases by composing and manipulating interactive pictures of data. The results are vivid, insightful, and unlike anything you've seen. They help people save time and make better decisions. Visualizations are created with Tableau Desktop.  Tableau Server provides the ability to share dynamic content via a web-browser. Content can also be shared via a free reader (like Adobe's for pdf files). 

Below are links to my favorite public data visualizations.  Like what you see?  Want to learn more? 

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Visualization Link Explanation Rating
Baseball Fan Index The Fan Cost Index is published by Team Marketing Report. It takes into account a number of prices, from tickets to hot dogs, to figure out what a normal fan might pay to see a game.
Running Statistics Brad Feld, an avid runner and friend of Tableau Software's CEO, created this visualization from data produced by his Garmin watch.  His comments can be found here.
Bird Strike Snarge Tableau software pulled FAA data to prepare an analysis of bird strikes.  The full analysis has a few more pages.
IPO Dashboards Christian Chabot, CEO of Tableau software wondered how Technology IPOs compared to the broader market  He has a blog that covers the issue.
2009 Running Back - Fantasy Football CBS Sports Fantasy News created a visualization to assist with the drafting of the running back when creating a 2009 fantasy team.
2009 INC 500 Tableau Software made the INC 500 in 2009 and created a visualization of the INC list.
How Big is your HockeyStick - A WSJ analysis Scott Austin analyzes how long the top 100 Technology companies took to grow to $50 Million in sales.
FIRST Robotics - Future Engineers FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has the mission to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Tableau sponsored a team, then developed an interactive Tableau view to describe FIRST.
Proposed Stimulus Projects Before the 2009 stimulus program was approved, government units submitted their stimulus proposals to the National Council of Mayors which was consolidated by Stimuluswatch.org and analyzed by Tableau.
UnEmployment by State In Tableau version 5's infancy, Tableau used data from 2000-2008 to view the UnEmployment rate by state.  Notice that when you only check one region, the map resizes for just the region shown.
Seattle Real-Estate Tableau's HQ is in Seattle, so here is an analysis of the Seattle Real-Estate Market using Tableau.
Dallas Cowboys score with Tableau! Bill Priakos, chief operating officer of Dallas Cowboy Merchandising faced a situation of using multiple systems for e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, retail and ERP, yet yearned for integrated reports. The story seemed to always be "The BI piece is coming" until implementing Tableau software. Check out this compelling You-tube video and Computerworld story.
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